This post really needs two headlines: Headline 1: Get $7,989.47 worth of products for $47 if you act now. Headline 2: If you use email for internet marketing, this could affect you.

======= ABOUT HEADLINE 2 =======

Let me cover headline 2 briefly before getting to the "good stuff":

MBP Advertising is running a huge "fire sale" to raise money for a lawsuit that's been filed against them by someone claiming they sent a spam email. And get this, the company suing them isn't even the one who they sent the email to -- it's the company that owns the domain the email was sent to -- it was sent to one of their users.

Here's what MBP is saying about the case:

MBP Advertising only emails to double opt in members of their mailing lists, so somebody with control of the email address to which the message was sent must have not only subscribed, but confirmed their subscription. As you can imagine, the ruling in this case could potentially affect anyone using email for internet marketing -- even if you strictly use double opt in mailing lists only.

But enough about that -- here's what's in it for you.

======= ABOUT HEADLINE 1 =======

Okay, now the fun stuff.

To raise money for the lawsuit, MBP has gotten a bunch of internet marketers (including yours truly) to contribute products to the firesale. We don't receive a penny of the proceeds except when someone buys through our affiliate links.

The sale includes software, eBooks, paid memberships, services, advertising and more.

Some of the products are for your own use, but there are also PLR products, resale rights products, master resale rights products, etc.

With $7,989.47 of value, I won't name everything you'll get here, but you can the complete list linked to from the sales page. Go to:

A little above half way down, there's a short partial listing of what's included. Just above that list, you'll find a link to the full list.

I've looked through the list, and sure, there's a lot in there that I'm not interested in, and a lot that I wouldn't value at the stated value. But there are a bunch of products I will use (yes, I'm going to buy it), and there's certainly a LOT more than $47 of value there!

======= ONE FINAL NOTE =======

This sale starts this morning at 9:00 PST (10:00 mountain, 11:00 Central, noon Eastern...for those of you in the US) and runs for 10 days only.

The $47 price is good for the first two days, and it goes up every two days. Check the sales page for the exact prices and schedule.

Check it out today: