A few days ago, I had an idea for a new way to pick ClickBank products to promote. The usual methods are to look for products that are making lots of sales and jump on the bandwagon, or to try to identify up-and-coming products to promote before everybody else does.

Both approaches have problems. With the first, there'll be a lot of other affiliates competing with you for the same customers. With the second, you have to guess correctly which products are going to succeed.

And in both cases, you have to get exposure for your promotion by yourself.

My new method takes a different approach: look for products that were selling well recently but have gone into a slump. Then, after making sure that the product is worth promoting (after all, there may be a good reason for the slump!), contact the vendor and offer to work with them in some way. For example, you might interview them about the product. And with any luck at all, they'll promote the interview when you publish it, boosting your credibility and helping you drive sales.

I've written more extensively about the idea and the tool I've created to help you find the best prospects over on the Instant Affiliate Accelerator blog.