I wasn't planning on blogging on New Years Day (particularly since it's Saturday), but SEO Content Factory tempted me with an idea, and I couldn't resist.

I was glancing over a list of upcoming product launches from JV Notify Pro. I've seen these lists many times before, but it got me thinking about my "more of the same" prediction for 2011.

Check out a few stats:

  • Number of scheduled launches:
    • January: 26
    • February: 23
    • March: 18
    • April: 11
    • May: 10
    • June: 3
  • Number of launches where the product name isn't yet revealed:
    • January: 5
    • Febraury: 6
    • March: 14
    • April: 7
    • May: 5
    • June: all 3
  • Most popular launch days:
    • January: Tuesday the 25th (4)
    • February: Tuesday the 15th (4)
    • March: Tuesday the 29th (4)
    • April: Tuesday the 26th (2)
    • May: Tuesday the 3rd and Monday the 9th (2 each)
    • June: All 3 are on Tuesdays
  • Common product name words:
    • "Money" words (cash, wealth, commissions, income, bank, goldmine...): 23
    • "Easy Button" words (auto, magic bullet, instant, copy and paste, machine...): 13
    • Traffic: 8
    • Sniper, hijack, seige: 5
    • Hype words (extreme, ultimate, renegade): 4
    • Blog: 3
    • FaceBook: 3
    • Blueprint: 3
    • Affiliate: 3
    • Monopoly, control, ownage (is that even a word?): 3
  • People with most launches scheduled (I didn't count all the numbers, so it's not impossible I missed someone):
    • Mo Latif: 6
    • Michael Jones: 4
    • Matt Bacak: 3
    • Travis Stephenson: 3

I'm not saying that any of this is bad. The products may be legitimate. The people involved in the most launches may have lots of value to offer. And I'm sure there are industries whose launch counts would completely eclipse internet marketing.

Reader Comment:
Antone Roundy said:
Hi Mike, Thanks for stopping by to comment. Like I said in the post, "I’m not saying that any of this is bad." It really was more of an "isn't this interesting" piece than anything. My note about Matt Bacak's launch in the comments is...
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But it does make me wonder.

How many of these 91 products would it be useful for any one person to buy?

How many of the unnamed products are nothing but an X on a calendar, to mark a date by which somebody's planning on inventing the next "only thing you'll ever need" product?

How long till Tuesdays get so overloaded that some other day becomes the best day to launch?

If I released a product named "Ultimate Easy Cash Blog Traffic Sniper Blueprint", would I even need a sales letter to sell it?

Should I change my name to "King Latifo"? (Okay, that one's a little out there.)

One thing's for sure. We're gonna get a lot of email this year.

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