I'll be brief, because I want to get upstairs to see whether the Jazz can pull off a road win against the Lakers (I'm living in Nebraska now, but I'm a Utah boy at heart).

Video is a great way to capture and hold attention on the web, and YouTube is a great source of video for your website. The trick is to find a way to get YouTube videos on the right topic onto your site without having to constantly watch a million videos and copy and paste the display code into your webpages.

I may have mentioned before that one of my products, CaRP Evolution, can do keyword or username searches of YouTube and embed the latest videos into your webpages. Today I finished creating another product that uses CaRP Evolution's YouTube feature to create custom video players into which you can insert your own branding, links, etc.

Rather than take a lot of time to explain, let me just point you to the YesTube homepage, where you can view several example video players that I put together. Just look for the "Click to see YesTube in action" link and the two links that follow it.