If you enjoy this blog, I have a small favor to ask -- it'll only take a few clicks.

The other day, I was checking out the blog of one of this blog's frequent commentors, Rick Hendershot, and I learned something new:

When you create a Facebook Business Page it will have an address something like this:


Facebook will assign your Business Page a unique URL once you have at least 25 "likes"...

I have a Facebook page for my company (Gecko Tribe). I haven't promoted it, since about all it contains so far is links to blog posts on the Wall. So naturally, it doesn't have 25 "Likes" yet, and thus still has the long, ugly URL.

So here's the favor: if you like this blog, please go to the Gecko Tribe Facebook page and click the "Like" button -- it'll be centered near the top.

Much appreciated!

(By the way, yes, I know my blog posts haven't been showing up on the wall recently. Apparently, AWeber lost track of that setting in my blog broadcast. I've fixed it...and will be looking for a solution that will post more than just the headlines.)