I'm a little late posting today, because I've been putting the finishing touches on something new: the White Hat Crew Inner Circle. I'd been thinking of doing something like this for a while, and my interview with Terry Dean last month (which I published a few days ago) pushed me over the edge.

The Inner Circle offers several premium features to members, including:

  • Premium content: parts of some posts will be visible only to Inner Circle members.
  • Full-content RSS (and Atom) feeds.
    • Read full blog posts in your feed reader (requires a feed reader that supports password protected feeds).
    • Use with SEO Content Factory for easier Blog Riffing.
  • Special reports with resale rights: I've just finished a much more detailed version of the post about the tools and process I use to blog and podcast -- it's a 32 page how-to called Podcasting Step-by-Step: it's not as hard as you think. You'll get free access to any reports like this that I publish while you're a paying Inner Circle member, with resale rights.
  • Update -- I've just added one more benefit: members-only sales on Gecko Tribe products.

I've just given 2 weeks free access to the Inner Circle (not including the special report -- that's for paying members only) to everyone who has an account at Gecko Tribe Customer Privileges. Sign up today to get your two free weeks if you don't already have an account.

Once you have your Gecko Tribe Customer Privileges account, use the "Member Login" link at the top of this page to sign in. After you've signed in, it will be replaced with a link to a page where you can find out how to access the full-content RSS feeds, etc.

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