You may have heard of this strategy for getting a tweet to go viral: offer a freebie, but only make it available after a certain number of people have tweeted a link to your offer. Sounds great, but will it work for you? (How can you make it work?)

Over at Mashable today, Brenna Ehrlich posted something that got me thinking about that:

On Tuesday, musician St. Vincent (a.k.a Annie Erin Clark) launched a Twitter campaign asking fans to tweet #strangemercy to unlock a new track from her upcoming album, Strange Mercy.

A few days and 5,000 tweets later, the track has finally been set loose on the world...

A musician with a following may be able to muster 5000 tweets in a few days. But not all of us are in that league. St. Vincent has 392,713 followers, so she only needed a 1.3% response rate to pass 5000.

Here are a few keys to making this strategy work for you, no matter how big or small your following is:

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