From Sept 11 - 18, Eric Li and Sean Quah will be running a sale on a package of 100 resale rights products. 50% of their profits will be donated to The September 11, 2001 Children's Fund. You can see the sales page now (though I'm not quite sure whether it's in its final form yet), but the order button won't be available till the sale begins.

When I first heard about this sale, it sounded like a great idea, but I thought the sale page could use a bit of work (I'm not sure whether they were planning to launch with the sales page in the state it was in -- a lot of it looked like boilerplate text from a sales page template.) I emailed some suggestions to Eric and Sean, and am happy to report that they implemented at least a few of them.

Most noticably, they were using a fairly generic headline, so I suggested a headline focusing on the charitable aspect of the sale, and I think they're using the example I offered verbatim.

I also suggested increasing the percentage they were donating to the children's fund to 50%, and I'm very excited to see that they took that suggestion!

Anyway, the sale includes private label rights, master resell rights, and branding rights to a ton of products related to everything from internet marketing (of course), to golf, to pets, to real estate, to health, to personal growth, to crocheting, and a whole lot more. Also included is a copy (for personal use only -- no resell rights) of Liz Tomey's resell rights bootcamp, which I've already listened to the whole way through and gotten some great ideas from. I'll be using material from this package myself to help create and market products in a couple of different niches.

Bookmark the sale page and be sure to go back on Sept 11 to get the best price.