Big time copywriter and all around great guy, Ray Edwards, posted a video today saying that he's going to vlog (like blogging but video) every day for 30 days, and explaining 3 reasons why.

A few comments are in order.

  1. This applies not only to vlogging, but also to blogging, podcasting, social media activity, etc. -- whatever method you're using to connect with your target market.
  2. An additional reason to do it is that these kinds of activities get a lot easier if you do them more often. That may not be true at first -- you may initially struggle to come up with something worthwhile to say that often. But in my experience (a few years ago when I blogged nearly every weekday for over a year), after you've been at it for a few weeks, you get in the habit of thinking of things to say. And then it's easy.
  3. Does it really need to be every day? That depends on how often you're able to come up with something worth sharing. But this ties into #2 -- with practice you'll be able to create valuable content more often.
  4. If you want to communicate with your target market regularly, I recommend trying something like what Ray is doing -- commit to a month of doing it every day (or every weekday). It may be a struggle. But by the end of a month, you'll be over the hump to where its not difficult because of habit and mindset. And you should have a pretty good idea of whether you can sustain a daily routine, or what frequency might work better for you.