Okay, I'm going a little nuts here, but I've decided to offer both CaRP Evolution and Tetra as free bonuses when you buy Russell Brunson's "12 Month Internet Millionaire" through my affiliate link! Russell is currently selling for the introductory price of only $37 (I guess he's going a little nuts too!), so you'll be getting $86.94 worth of products (as conservatively priced) for only $37!

CaRP Evolution is an RSS to HTML converter that inserts auto-updating content onto your webpages (which is good for SEO and also for your website's visitors. Tetra is a JavaScript scroller script. The two can even work together to scroll RSS newsfeed content.

I've just started looking through the 12 Month Internet Millionaire materials, but I can tell you already that it's worth a lot more than $37! It comes with 6 hours of audio where Russell interviewed a guy who'd made an absolutely insane amount of money. Russell credits this guy with huge increases in his own business (which is also substantial...but you've probably already heard of him, so I don't need to tell you that). You also get a 197 page PDF transcript of the audio.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The free CaRP and Tetra promotion (as well as the $37 price tag for "12 Month Internet Millionaire", if I've read correctly) absolutely ends on October 16, so don't wait.