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Product Creation

When marketing teachers talk about your "Unique Selling Proposition" or "USP", they nearly always assume that you have one, but just haven't figured it out yet.

But what if you don't have one? What if you really are just another "me too" marketer? Should you just give up and go back to your day job,...
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Is It Possible to Create Desire for Your Products?

Terry Dean didn't beat around the bush when he wrote:

You cannot create desire for your product.

Trying to do so is a losing proposition. All we do in business is find out what hopes, dreams, fears, and desires people already have...and supply them with products that match. We create value based around what peopl...
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Ray Edwards is at it again, posting assertions that I just can't leave without comment:

Realistic is not where the money is.

Realistic does not change the world; it does not shake up the status quo; realistic does not create legacy.

Ray's right, of course. But the thought needs to be expanded on a little....
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There are four ways to make more money from your website:

Increase the amount of targeted traffic coming to your site.

Convert more of your traffic to paying customers.

Increase your revenue per paying customer.

Decrease your costs.

Let's work through the list backwards.

Decrease your costs

In some ways, this is the least i...
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In yesterday's post about the importance of good timing (or the lack thereof), I made an assertion that deserves to be backed up:

In the rare cases where someone manages to automate real value creation, they're usually better off keeping the tools to themselves, so you won't often find them for sale.

Let me share...
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Everybody knows that the difference between those who succeed and those who keep plodding along hoping often boils down to being in the right place at the right time. Right?

Well, maybe.

The other day, Yaro Starak shared his take on good timing:

Good Timing Is Just A Limiting Belief

If you [think] that you...
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I came across a video the other day where David Frey reveals his biggest internet marketing secret. It's about "continuity" -- selling products that customers pay for repeatedly, like a monthly membership -- but there's more to it than that.

One thing you'll often hear when people talk about "membership sites" is that customers tend...
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Today, Russell Brunson is launching his "Micro-Continuity" training, which teaches how to get a mini-membership site up and running in under 24 hours, and making an INCREDIBLE offer unlike anything I've ever seen before.

He'll send you a free MP3 player (just pay $9.97 for shipping and handling if you're in the US), pre-loaded with...
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Here's a video clip of Russell Brunson teaching a product creation technique that helps you create the right product for the market. The video is from the 12 Month Internet Millionaire Workshop in Salt Lake City last February. I was a few chairs out of view of the camera on the right side toward the...
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