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I'm pretty slow to shell out hard earned cash for money-making tools and information, especially when the risk of getting nothing but a compilation of freely available and easy to find materials is as high as it is with internet marketing. For those of you who are similarly reluctant, I'll do my best to give you an honest, fair, and clear opinion of products that I do get my hands on.

Because of my reluctant spending habits, I may not publish all that many reviews unless the publishers send me complimentary copies of their products! (Anyone? Bueller?)

Any affiliate links appearing in my reviews will be clearly marked so that you can decide for yourself whether my opinions are affected by a profit motive. Check each review for special offers available when purchasing through my affiliate links.
Product My Rating Description Offers
The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay 136 page eBook (PDF). Teaches a powerful method of making money through eBay, even from people who don't bid on your auctions! Covers eBay's rules that you need to follow in using this method. Has additional sections covering a variety of eBay profit techniques. N/A
Google AdSense Secrets 132 page eBook (PDF). Teaches how to maximize your profits from Google's AdSense program. Includes information on styling ads for maximum click-thru, building traffic, testing and tracking results, and more. N/A
The Rich Jerk 62 page eBook (PDF). Covers strategies for affiliate marketing, pay per click, SEO, selling your own information products, wholesale buying and selling, and more. I do not recommend the author as an ethics mentor, but the book has many ideas I would advocate if applied more scrupulously than that author appears to. Bonus: Free copy of "30 Days to Niche Success" with purchase.
How To Turn Auction Traffic Into Cash 44 page eBook (PDF). A companion to The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay that gets into more of the nitty gritty of some of the techniques it teaches. If you're going to buy this eBook, definitely choose the bundle deal. N/A

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