Review: "How To Turn Auction Traffic Into Cash" by Jim Cockrum

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The Bottom Line

  Not Recommended
Price as of this writing: $24.97

I have the beginnings of ideas stewing in my head for how to apply what this eBook teaches, and it may end up being very profitable. But the bottom line is that I just didn't feel like I was reading much that I couldn't have found elsewhere for free if I'd looked. One of the two chapters I found interesting is pretty much duplicated in The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay (which I bought with this eBook in a package deal, and which I do recommend), so it only cost me $15. Had I bought it separately at full price, I would have felt I'd been overcharged, but the other eBook is good enough that I'm fine with the total price I paid.

Negatives: Positives: If you don't believe me, go ahead and buy "How To Turn Auction Traffic Into Cash" [affiliate link]

Chapter by Chapter Comments

My favorite chapters' titles are displayed in red.
  1. The real power of eBay (it's not what you think)
    This chapter mostly mentions things that you can learn elsewhere that aren't the topic of this eBook. Then it introduces the concept of making money off of people who don't win your auctions.
  2. The rules of the eBay game
    This chapter points out some of eBay's rules that you need to be sure not to break when implementing the ideas introduced by this eBook. (You can find pretty much the same information in The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay too).
  3. Tapping into the power step by step
    This chapter discusses how to use eBay to get people signed up on autoresponder mail lists. It covers details of how to do so on one particular autoresponder service, which could be adapted to other services.
  4. Tips and ideas
    1. How to make it all look great
      A simple suggestion for making the webpage where you implement this idea more attractive.
    2. Ready to get your own website
      A quick suggestion about setting up a website if you don't already have one.
    3. You don't need a website to make this all work
      Describes how to do this without a website of your own.
    4. How to get maximum results from your eBay 'about me' page
      Mainly a suggestion to buy The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay (which I do recommend)
    5. Get maximum benefit from you subscription address
      Mainly a suggestion to have your own domain name (even if you don't have your own website!)
    6. Grow your list by allowing auction vistors to submit questions
      What the chapter title says.
"How To Turn Auction Traffic Into Cash" [affiliate link]
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