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Aside from my internet marketing product reviews, there are a few products I would like to recommend. I will be using affiliate links on this page where possible, so decide for yourself whether my recommendations are genuine or tainted by a profit motive.
Product Category Description
GoDaddy Domain name registration Among the three domain name registrars I've used, GoDaddy is far and away the best. Their prices are much better than the others, and their reliability and user interface are as good as any, and far superior to the one with the next closest prices. Note: I am not a fan of their web hosting, because they have placed some restrictions on their PHP support which prevent my products from working.
iPowerWeb Web Hosting iPowerWeb is a top-notch web and email hosting provider with excellent prices. I use them for some of my own and my clients' websites and recommend them without reservation.
Vonage VoIP I've been getting my phone service from Vonage for quite a while now and recommend them highly. They've been reliable (I think we've had one outage for a few minutes once); we were able to take our old phone number with us when we moved recently without having to jump through any hoops; and (if you have high speed internet), their prices are fantastic. For about a dollar more than local service with no extras from Qwest, we get unlimited local and national long distance, caller id, voice mail, call forwarding, and call waiting. Plus, wherever we can plug the phone adapter box into an ethernet high speed internet connection, we can carry our phone with us and receive calls as if we were at home.

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