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WHC Internet Marketing Guide

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Information Products

Information products are a staple of internet marketing for several reasons:

  • They're relatively easy to produce (they don't require programming skills, for example).
  • They're easy to deliver -- they can be sold in downloadable form, avoiding the need to produce, store, and ship physical products.
  • They generally require less support than software products, for example.
  • They can often be priced as high as the value of their content in the customer's mind. People will often pay far more for a downloadable information product than they would for the exact same content in a printed book. This is because we have preconceived notions about the price of a physical book, but less expections regarding downloadable information.
  • They can cover virtually any topic that people want to know more about...which is virtually any topic.

Some of the formats information products can be sold in include:

This guide is an eternal work-in-progress -- as our knowlege grows, so will these pages. Navigate to the pages that are of most interest to you now, bookmark and study the materials under them; and subscribe to the White Hat Crew weblog's RSS or Atom feed to find out when we add significant new content.

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