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WHC Internet Marketing Guide

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Someone Else's Products

The easiest way to get started in internet marketing is to promote other people's products. Even if you have your own products, you should consider promoting others' products too because:

  • you don't have to manage storage (in the case of physical products) and delivery.
  • you don't have to provide support (at least not with affiliate products).
  • they give you more options for backend sales to existing customers without having to develop so many products yourself.
  • you can discover which products would be most lucrative for you to develop by promoting others' products -- if something you're promoting sells well, you might want to create a competing product.

Options for selling others' products include:

This guide is an eternal work-in-progress -- as our knowlege grows, so will these pages. Navigate to the pages that are of most interest to you now, bookmark and study the materials under them; and subscribe to the White Hat Crew weblog's RSS or Atom feed to find out when we add significant new content.

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