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"Send Your Messages To 7 Viral List Building Services Faster Than You Used To Send To One!"

Date: November 28, 2023
From: Antone Roundy

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you're a member of any multi-level mailing list building services, you've probably noticed that response rates from these services are usually very low. I used to not send messages as often as I was allowed because sometimes it just didn't seem worth the trouble. Sound familiar?

I've got good news and bad news you. The bad news is that I don't have a magic formula for increasing your response rates -- you've just got to test different subject lines and messages till you find something that works.

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But there's good news: I'm going to give you a free tool named List Mailer GT that will make it easier to send your messages to 7 different mail list building services than it used to be to send to just one! So even while you're working on getting your response rates up, sending your messages will be quick and easy. How is that possible? Consider this:

The Old Way:
  1. Go to the login page for the service.
  2. Submit your username and password.
  3. Click the link to get to the mailing form.
  4. Enter your message.
  5. If the service supports personalization (eg. replacing %firstname% the recipient's first name...), make sure you've entered the correct personalization code for this service (they're different for different services).
  6. If the service doesn't support personalization, make sure you haven't left in any personalization codes from another service.
  7. Submit your message.
  8. Repeat steps 1 - 7 for every other service you're a member of! Yuck!
The List Mailer GT Way:
  1. Go to the mailing form for List Mailer GT.
  2. Submit your username and password.
  3. Enter your message.
  4. Submit your message.

That's it! Your message has been sent to up to 7 services! It's so quick and so simple that you won't skip mailings because you're not sure it's worth the effort. The services supported by List Mailer GT are:

  • List Bandit
  • ListDotCom
  • List Explode
  • List Fire
  • The List Machine
  • Viral Mailing
  • Your Lucky List

List Mailer GT automatically ensures that the correct personalization codes are entered for each service, and that personalization is removed for services that don't support it.

You get all of that with the free version.

List Mailer GT Pro:

If you want even more features, you can get all this as part of the White Hat Crew Web Script Collection:

  • Automatically "word wrap" your messages to whatever width you want -- without breaking URL links in half!
  • Enter tracking codes into your links so that you can tell which service a click-through came from.
  • Enter text specific to each particular service, such as the service name, into your messages.
  • Select which services to send each message through rather than always sending through all of the services that you're a member of.
  • Choose additional options for services that support them (eg. send to your downline or to a random group of people).
  • Free updates.
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