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Joint Ventures

In early internet marketing "joint ventures", affiliates often worked with the owner of product that was being launched, making promotional videos, doing teleseminars or webinars, etc. Being a joint venture partner raised the profile of the partners, because that level of access to the product owner was fairly exclusive.

These days, the term "joint venture" is often used for what would more accurately be called a product launch with affiliates. The term is used to motivate affiliates to be as active as possibly during the product launch by making them feel like their part of an exclusive group of joint venture partners.

Technically, a joint venture is anything where two unrelated or loosely related parties work together for a common goal. Used accurately, the term usually refers to the selling of a product that's made by combining the products or efforst of unrelated parties.

In internet marketing product launches, affiliates often offer additional bonuses to people who buy through their links.

I've created two systems to automate the delivery of bonus products. They work with ClickBank, my own affiliate program, and could work with any affiliate program that implements the necessary protocol.

  • Fast JV is the self-hosted version you install on your own webserver.
  • One of the tools on Instant Affiliate Accelerator is a modified version of Fast JV that runs primarily on my server, and sends customers to your site to get the bonus product only after verifying that the product was purchased through your affiliate link.

If you'd like to joint venture with me, click here.

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