I just started selling a product targeted at ClickBank sellers through PayDotCom. It doesn't sell through ClickBank. That 's nuts! Why don't I sell it through ClickBank? I'll start my comparison of ClickBank and PayDotCom there, but there's more...

Product Approval

Every product that sells through ClickBank has to be submitted to them for review. They review the product, the sales page, the "thank you" page from which the product is downloaded, and, I discovered, even the members only area that buyers get access too.

ClickBank Affiliate Tools
How does a ClickBank affiliate get an advantage over competing affiliates? One way is to offer bonuses to people who buy through your link. Another is to have better data to choose products to promote (like finding up-and-coming products before they've been promoted to death). Instant Affiliate Accelerator offers an automated bonus delivery system, research data, and more.

One of their rules is that you can't offer customers additional products for purchase once they've paid. That includes the download page and, unbelievably, your members only area. In short, that's why my product isn't selling through ClickBank -- I wasn't willing to remove a few informational pages from my members area that point to additional products.

So I went to PayDotCom. They don't review your products, your sales pages, your download pages, your members area, or anything else, which makes getting started with them a lot easier.

Why the difference? I'm guessing that it's because ClickBank handles payment processing and PayDotCom doesn't (they just send the customer to your payment processor for you and provide tracking for affiliates). So while ClickBank has to deal with chargebacks, refund requests, etc. for payments made to their merchant accounts, PayDotCom doesn't. Thus, PayDotCom isn't as concerned about minimizing returns.

Reader Comment:
Joe said:
Paydotcom needs to wake up. They've lost over 200 products in the last three months from their Marketplace. They're in the 1,600-range now and if this continues, there won't be anyone selling anything on that site. Of course, it doesn't help that Fil...
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Ease of Setup

Both sites have their problems in this area. At ClickBank, there's the problem of wrapping your brain around their braindead system where no matter how many products you sell through one account, all affiliate links to your products go to the same page. If you want to have multiple landing pages without having to do some extra coding and tell your affiliates how to link to specific products (which not all will do, since many will find your product through ClickBank's marketplace rather than your site), you have to create and pay for multiple vendor accounts.

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Beyond that, basic setup with ClickBank is reasonably straightforward and well documented. If you want to protect your download page, that takes little more work, but they show you how to do it.

PayDotCom's documentation is incomplete, a few years old, and some of it is out of date. As much as I respect Mike Filsaime, I've found this to be typical of his websites -- once they're built, they don't seem to be maintained as well as one might hope. Without going too far off on this tangent, I'll just point out that the text on many of his sites contains grammatical errors and sentences that don't sound like they were written by a native English speaker. But enough on that.

After tracking down the documentation and reading through it, despite it's shortcomings, I didn't find it difficult to get my product pages ready to work with PayDotCom.


PayDotCom claims to have significanly lower fees than ClickBank, and technically it's true, because they do charge lower fees. However, they gloss over the fact that with them, you also have to pay PayPal fees. I suppose if you were selling using a personal PayPal account, you wouldn't, but then you'd be severly limited in how many sales you could processes, so that's not very realistic.

Here's a graphic that compares the fees you'll pay when selling through PayDotCom versus ClickBank, along with differences in the commissions you'll pay your affiliates, and your net profits.

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