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Who is White Hat Crew?

White Hat Crew is Antone Roundy, who is, among other things, an internet entrepeneur. He has built a variety of websites, including (but far from limited to!) Chordata (RSS & Atom feed directory), Chess Hounds (free online chess--no installation required), and LDS Singles Network (singles site specifically for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--which helped Antone get married!); as well as a number of free and commercial website tools, including CaRP (RSS to HTML converter), Grouper (RSS manager, XML converter and website scraper), and Tetra (DHTML scroller with AJAX capabilities and RSS integration using CaRP). Antone supplements his income with a growing stream of AdSense and affiliate marketing revenue. He posts occasionally to a number of weblogs on topics ranging from web design to SEO to RSS & Atom to server administation to chess to spam, and more.

Antone previously worked in quality assurance and development at Claris Corporation (now FileMaker, Inc.), primarily focusing on the Japanese versions of FileMaker Pro and Em@iler.

Antone graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Japanese from San Francisco State University. He learned Japanese while serving for two years as a missionary in the southern end of Japan.

Antone is a self-starter who has learned much of what he knows from experience and by hungrily devouring knowledge wherever he might find it.

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Why is White Hat Crew?

White Hat Crew exists to promote ethical internet marketing practices, including search engine optimization and web design techniques, and in the future, probably more about affiliate marketing. Read my weblog entry about the creation of White Hat Crew.

Where is White Hat Crew?

Grand Island, Nebraska, USA.
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