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WHC Internet Marketing Guide

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Upsells, Downsells, Backend Sales, etc.

One size rarely fits all. And one product rarely fills all needs. If you have only one product to sell and one configuration of it, you'll lose a lot of sales.

A few techniques used to close more sales and increase the value of each customer include:

  • Upsells: an upsell is a more expensive version of a product. Once someone has decided to buy your product, you might ask "do you want the standard version of the deluxe version." An example of this is how fast food restaurants ask whether you want to "super size" or "biggie size" your order -- get a larger drink and larger fries.
  • Cross Sells: cross sells are complementary products that you offer to customers as they buy. For example, if you order a burger, you'll be asked whether you want to add fries and a drink.
  • Downsells: downsells are offers for less expensive versions of a product that you offer people who've decided not to buy the version you initially offered. For example, if someone says no to your offer of a DVD and workbook for a training course, you might offer them a less expensive version that they can download rather than receiving the physical version.
  • Backend Sales: backend sales are anything you sell a customer after they've bought from you once. For example, when a customer buys, you might add them to a buyers mailing list and send them offers for other products from time to time. Often, the best way to sell expensive products is to sell cheap products first, and then offer more and more expensive products to people who continue to buy.

This guide is an eternal work-in-progress -- as our knowlege grows, so will these pages. Navigate to the pages that are of most interest to you now, bookmark and study the materials under them; and subscribe to the White Hat Crew weblog's RSS or Atom feed to find out when we add significant new content.

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